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•   Don’t forget to enter the contest to win an entire set of ESV Scripture Journals!

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•   Don’t forget to bring some cash for the food trucks!


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•   Don’t forget—how could you?—that Dr. Mike Brown will be in our services and at the EXPO Q & A!

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•   Don’t forget to find a ministry that can help you and a ministry that can use your help!


Questions for Dr. Brown, Anyone?

Hopefully the news is getting out that Dr. Michael Brown, the noted apologist and host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show, “The Line of Fire,” will be at the EXPO this year! He will be available at 2pm in the auditorium to answer questions. So, if you would like to submit a question you can do that beginning now. Just fill out the form below. If your question is a good one,  I will ask him on your behalf this Sunday!

You Could Win at the EXPO!

Hello SGT Family!

I hope you are planning to attend the EXPO this weekend!

Here is an exciting opportunity for those who attend the EXPO this Sunday: A chance to win the entire set of ESV Bible Journals! Here is a video that will show you the journals.

To enter this giveaway, go to the white EXPO tent, get a ticket, and enter! There will be three qualifying drawings before the winner is announced. YOU MUST BE PRESENT AT THE TIME OF THE FINAL DRAWING TO WIN.

See you at the EXPO THIS weekend!

The 2019 EXPO is Upon Us!

Hey leaders, I hope you are ready to shine at this year’s EXPO! Here is a checklist to help you check your preparedness! If you have any questions you can call or text Tim and Rebekah Hoppe at: 631-896-0397

We are only 11 days away from the EXPO and only 10 away from set-up. Here’s a check-list:

[_]  If you are using a tri-fold display, is the back of it “finished” or “unfinished”? (No unfinished tri-fold backs allowed!)

[_] Do you have high expectations for your ministry booth? In other words, are you doing all you can to look your very best? The EXPO is a showcase for YOUR ministry!

[_] Are all your give-aways in order? People love give-aways!

[_] Are you prepared for sign-ups? Make sure people know how they can be part of your ministry!

[_] Make a note: Set-up BEGINS at 5pm on Saturday, September 14 and not before. 

[_] Someone should be available at your table constantly beginning no later than 10:15 am (even sooner if possible).

[_] Make a note: Tear-down begins at 3pm on EXPO day (not before.)

[_] Please have extra help at your table so that you can attend one of the services and so that it never has to be unattended.

These are just a few items to help you get your EXPO brain in order!