SGT Ministry Expo 2015

Dear Ministry Leader:

I am excited to write and share with you that this fall, on Sunday, September 20, the second annual SGT Ministry Expo will be held in our church’s fellowship center, and I would love for you and your ministry to be a part of it! The SGT Ministry Expo is an opportunity to showcase the ministry that you lead by setting up a table and pulling together the highest quality graphic representation of your ministry possible. It will be an opportunity to describe the purpose and value of the ministry you lead to those who visit your table. And you guessed it—a great chance to identify those who may be uniquely gifted and called to your area of ministry!

Many of the details and logistics of the Expo are yet to be determined, but here are the things I can tell you for sure:

1) The date for the Expo is September 20.

2) The duration of the Expo will be the duration of the three services plus afternoon activities reaching until around 5:00 pm, with all tables being set-up and ready to go by Saturday evening. 

3) The location for the Expo will be the conference rooms, fellowship center, cafeteria, and auditorium. 

4) Every table will need at least one representative attending throughout the day (of course you can tag team any way you need to).

5) Though some signage will be provided by the church, every ministry will need to be prepared to pull together a high quality display that puts the church and the individual ministry in the best possible light. Each table will have to meet a standard of quality.

6) Every ministry represented must have appropriate information available explaining the purpose, times of operation, requirements, and the path necessary for a new recruit to get involved.

7) With over a hundred ministry expressions at SGT, space at the Expo will be limited, yet there will be room for everyone!

8) The Expo is not mandatory so you will need to sign-up for it. A sign-up questionnaire will be forth-coming but for now, you can call Anna at 265-2485, ext. 112 and sign-up verbally. Deadline for sign-ups will be June 15. Some idea of the proposed display must be available for approval by August 17.

9) Your ministry will not be represented unless you sign up and comply with all the requirements. In other words, if you do not sign up you should not assume that your ministry will benefit anyway. The Expo will be an excellent opportunity to showcase what you are doing and to recruit people, even if simply to recruit prayer partners.

10) If you plan to showcase your ministry at the Ministry Expo, please make every effort to go the extra mile. For example, your ministry could perhaps provide complimentary pens, or other “give-away” items that advertise your ministry and otherwise give the sense of professionalism and hospitality. Think long term! Perhaps your ministry could allocate funds over the next two or three years for the purpose of producing a high quality display!

11) No expenditure for supplies, displays, etc., should be made without proper approval. Other than the signage that will be provided (which will be minimal), all other display materials will be the responsibility of each individual ministry.

What can you do right now to begin planning for the 2015 SGT Ministry Expo?

1) Immediately contact the pastor over your ministry and discuss with him how to proceed.

2) Talk to others in your ministry area and begin thinking creatively about your display and about your ministry information materials.

3) Call the church at 265-2485, Ext. 112 and tell Anna you wish to sign-up and ask for a sign-up questionnaire.

4) Be prepared to attend the SGT Ministry Expo informational meeting Sunday, June 28, at 12:30 in Conference Room 1. This meeting will help you to visualize the possibilities for your table and answer any other questions that you may have.

5) Place September 20 on your calendar now so that nothing hinders your participation. Plan for the whole day on the 20th.

I hope you are as excited about the 2015 SGT Ministry Expo as I am! I look forward to moving forward with you toward this exciting event! If you have any questions, please email them to me at I look forward to working with you!

Yours in Him,

Pastor Scott

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