104 Days And Counting!

I know, it seems odd to be counting down the days until an event happens that most have not heard about, but it’s a start!

This year, on September 21, the Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle is going to host its very first Ministry Expo! Actually, I was told today by Bob Zuber that the church used to do something very similar over thirty years ago! So, perhaps I should say the “very first Ministry Expo of the modern era!”

If this is the first you are hearing about the SGT/MXP, you should take time to read the introductory letter and the vision casting document which gives a bit of insight into the feel we are aiming for for, especially if you are a leader.

If you have read these documents and would like to be a part of SGT/MXP, just get in touch with the pastor or leader over your ministry, follow the instructions in the letter to sign up, and be prepared to attend the orientation meeting on June 22, @ 12:30 in Conference Room 1.

Oh yeah, sign up to follow this blog so that you can get email notices every time we post more information!

Talk to you soon!

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