What will the Expo be like?

(Click here to read the letter to SGT leaders explaining many important details and logistics for the SGT Ministry Expo 2014.)

The 2014 SGT Ministry Expo, September 21, is going to be an exciting, fun-filled day for the whole SGT family! The main focus of the day will be the ministry tables which will showcase the 115-plus ministries at SGT. However, there will be many other highlights that you won’t want to miss!

More Than One Expo!

As mentioned, the 2014 SGT Ministry Expo will be a forum for showcasing all of the ministries at SGT. However, the 2014 SGT Ministry Expo will also feature the Children’s Ministry Expo (Conference Room 6) and the Planet Impact Expo (Conference Room 5)! These two vital ministries will be out in full force as they showcase their ministries to our children and young people!

Getting Connected

Alongside all of the ministries being featured at the Expo, there will be a special “connection section” which will feature a photo booth, the new Ministry Match program, the Arena table, and our Online Giving program.

Photo Booth

The photo booth is for all those families or individuals who would like to have their picture taken and placed in the new SGT Church Directory. The directory will be accessible through our website. Having this directory will increase our ability to engage in deeper fellowship and in identifying each other for the sake of ministry.

Ministry Match

The Ministry Match program is a fresh approach to engaging the SGT body in ministry. Every Christian should be involved in ministry but sometimes people are not sure how to go about it. With Ministry Match all you do is answer a few questions and your name will be entered into our church database and that will start the process. There are three categories for potential ministry participants at SGT: Targeted, Guided, and Volunteer. Those in the Targeted category will be those members of the SGT family who want to be involved in ministry on a regular basis and who are aware of their gifts, talents, and callings and know exactly where they want to serve. Those in the Guided category are those who want to be involved in ministry on a regular basis, are somewhat aware aware of their gifts, talents, and callings, but are undecided as to which ministry would fit best. Finally, those in the Volunteer category are those who are not able to be regularly involved in any particular ministry but would like to volunteer their time and talents as the need arises.


Shelby’s Arena is our new church mangaement system. It will allow us to do many sophiticated tasks with our database such as texting, phone tree calling, mass emailing, and also online sign-ups for church events. They key? Your information! We hope you will stop by the Arena table and make sure your information is in the database.

Online Giving

The Online Giving table is your opportunity to learn more about how easy it is to give to the Lord through SGT’s Online Giving program.

Fun For The Whole Family!

Other “specialty” events for the afternoon are yet to be determined. After the third service there will be events designed to make the Expo a fun for the whole family! They will also give people a reason to come back in the afternoon, giving them a double exposure to our ministry opportunities!

The Family Variety Show

At three o’clock we will have our very first Ministry Expo Family Variety Show! This is going to be a fun time for the whole family that will feature unique and quality talent from our own congregation.

Vinny Vetere Takes On All Comers!

Vinny Vetere (you may know him as “Magic Vinny,” is an arm wrestling champion and he has agreed to take on all comers that afternoon! Should be a lot of fun!


Need we say more? There will be food for purchase so that you and your family can make a plan to stay for the day at the SGT Ministry Expo! Once you get your food you will find tables scattered throughout the conference rooms where you will be able to sit and enjoy your meal in the midst of all the activity. All of the proceeds will go towards the planning of an even better Expo next year!

What’s happening on September 28?

The main thrust of the SGT Ministry Expo will happen on September 21. However, all ministry tables in the Main Lobby will remain on display through September 28. This should serve as an “afterglow” for those who attend on the 21st, and informational for anyone who was not able to attend that day. Every effort will be made by those ministry leaders to be available at the tables on the 28th as well as the 21st, although perhaps in a more limited way on the 28th.

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