EXPO = Fun For The Family!

The 2014 SGT Ministry Expo will not only be a great showcase for our ministries but it will be fun for the whole family as well!

The Family Variety Show

On September 21, at 3 pm, as part of the Ministry Expo, we will have a Family Variety Show, featuring interesting, fun, even unique talent from our church. It should be a lot of fun and should give people who attend our early services a reason to return to the Expo, thus increasing their exposure to our ministries.

SGT’s Got Talent!

There won’t be try outs and the Variety Show won’t be a contest. We also won’t have time to feature everyone. BUT I would love to get your suggestions or leads to people in our church who have unique talents to share and we will hand-pick the best of the best! If you know of someone, just email me. Some possibilities might be a Christian comedian, a Christian rap artist, someone with a dog that does really great tricks, etc.

Hope to hear from you soon!


2 thoughts on “EXPO = Fun For The Family!

    • Thanks Vinny! I just watched it! We can definitely use it to promote this. I am going to link it to the blog letting people know that this is going to be a part of our family fun at the Expo!

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