Awesome Meeting Today!

Wow! I was really blessed by the attendance and the questions at today’s Ministry Expo informational mtg! There were forty to fifty people there and I think we are getting excited about the Expo! If you were there today: Thank you so much! If you were not, there’s no time like the present to get started.

My take away from the meeting? Many are excited, the wheels are turning as people think through what their table will look like. Also, people are wondering, and rightly so, about logistics: table size, electrical outlets, backdrop curtains, expenses, etc. DON’T HESITATE TO ASK QUESTIONS! We will all help each other arrive at our ministries’ best visual representation.

Don’t forget to be in touch with your supervising pastor!

Be blessed!

2 thoughts on “Awesome Meeting Today!

  1. Good job, Pastor Scott!

    Talented musicians–tons of possibilities, but these are  

    my favorite music ideas: a music showcase popping up at different places/times?

    feature the pastor quartet–a barbershop song? feature brass  string ensemble jazz ensemble ensembles from Planet Impact, The Table, Kids

    Play ball–old time rules ?(Smithtown Historical Society does this each summer

    bocci and horseshoes?

    Scavenger hunt–search out some of SGT’s history/people of interest/birthplace of ministry team members, support staff (‘getting to know you’ fun things/ etc

    That’s all I can think of faith reynolds

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