Tip Sheet

Your Table

Does your ministry have a distinct logo? If yes, is it integrated with the new SGT logo?

Does your ministry have a clearly articulated ministry mission and vision? Is it in written form?

What kind of “give-aways” or “freebies” can you consider providing for those who visit your table? They should be practical and functional and remind people of your ministry (pens, key chains, refrigerator magnets, etc.)

Do you have pictures of your ministry in action that can be integrated with your over all table presentation?

Who will man your table throughout the day on Sept. 21 and Sept. 28?

Articulating Your Ministry

Are you able to clearly articulate, for those interested, a clear path to joining your ministry? What are the requirements? How do they get started? How do you decide if they are qualified?

Do you have a “fool-proof” process that guarantees a meaningful response to anyone needs or wants to join your ministry? In other words, who do they call and will they get a response?


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