11 Days to “Table Day”

Hi everyone! Just a reminder that August 9 is “Table Day!”  Table Day will be your opportunity to actually set up your Expo table and see what it will look like, and maybe even get some tips from others .

Table Day is not mandatory, of course, but it will be helpful for most of us to get a trial run of our tables.

SO, Table Day will take place from 9am-2pm in the conference rooms.  Come at your convenience!

LAST THING! If you have your table altogether, come, set it up, and help others who need some ideas or tips!!

If the SGT Ministry Expo were a house . . .

If the 2014 SGT Ministry Expo were a house, I would say the lights are starting to come on. Oh, there are still some dark rooms where no one seems to be stirring yet—but they will!

About ten more forms have been turned in. Here’s the list of THOSE WHO HAVE FILLED OUT THE FORM! Are YOU on it?

Children’s Choir  (See music ministry listings)

Home Missions Committee

Prayer Partners Committee

Short-Term Committee

Unreached People Groups

Everyday Evangelism

Share Your Faith Workshop

Angel Tree

Spanish Ministry

Ministries /Information Counter

Celebrate Recovery:

Divorce Care

Grief Share

Married for Life Groups

N.A.M.E. Ministry

Widowed Ministry

Children’s Choir

T H E  T A B L E

Medical Team

Parking Lot Ministry

Security Team


The Happenings

Men’s Fellowship

Corporate Prayer Meetings

Strategic Prayer for our Communities

Standing in The Gap for our Loved Ones

265-Need (265-6333)   Intercessory Phone Line

Mother’s Uplifting Mothers Spiritually (MUMS)

Living in the Word

Food Pantry

Ministry of Helps?

Women in Missions?



Magic Vinny

Three Lists

In the last blog, I said I was making a list and checking it twice. What I actually have right now are 3 lists.

THE FIRST LIST is made up of the twenty-three ministries who have filled out the official Expo Registration Form. This form is important because it serves as a sort of “dotted line.” It puts a name with the table and gives us a contact point for that ministry as pertains to the Expo. You guys are on track!

 “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven (Matthew 18:10).”

THE SECOND LIST is made up of people who initially, through email, said that they were planning to participate in the Expo BUT have not yet filled out the official Expo Registration Form. Come on! You can do it!

Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it, according to your means (2 Cor. 8:11).”

THE THIRD list contains the names of those ministries who have not confirmed through email their intent to participate in the Expo, nor have they completed the official Expo Registration Form. I am going to hunt you down! (LOL! I’m not really laughing out loud. I am joking, though.  Sort of. I mean, I am going to hunt you down, but in the kindest sort of way.)

“But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you (Gen. 3:9)?”

I am Making A List And Checking It Twice!

No, I am not Santa Clause nor am I celebrating Christmas in July! I am, however, looking to make contact with every person who will be taking responsibility for a table or even part of a table at the Expo.

If you are going to be in charge of pulling together a table for the Expo PLEASE FILL OUT THE EXPO REGISTRATION FORM as soon as you can! I know that many of you are making plans and many have responded verbally, but now we need the official form to be filled out.

Hopefully you received the form through email last week. If not, just email my secretary, Anna Choy, at achoy@sgtmail.org and she will send one to you right away!

I am getting a lot of excited feedback about the Expo! It will be here before you know it!

The Expo’s Two Purposes

As we all move forward in our preparations for the 2014 SGT Ministry Expo, it is important that we keep in mind the two strong purposes underpinning the Expo in the first place.

Sure, I hope the day will be full of fun, and food, and great fellowship. And I hope that each ministry will be showcased in a way that we can all be proud of. But there are two major purposes for the Expo, two reasons we want people to see the ministries of SGT showcased in an excellent fashion.

Two Purposes

The first reason is that each individual in our congregation will consider where they should be serving in ministry, make contact with that ministry, and begin the process of getting involved in that ministry. The second reason is that people will discover ministries that can help them in some aspect of their lives, particularly in their walk with God.

So, the two purposes of the Expo are to enlist people into ministry and to make ministry available to those in need. The second purpose is always with us. We are always trying to make ourselves available to minister to others. But the second purpose can be kind of a challenge.

What is the path?

Here are some questions to help you see the importance of the first purpose mentioned above.

1) How can someone get involved in your ministry? Can they? Is your ministry open to any qualified person who might present themselves to you at the Expo saying, “I really want to come alongside of you and serve in your area”?

2)  If your answer is “Yes,” what are the qualifications a person needs in order to do what you are doing or at least to help you do what you do? Are those qualifications written down so that they can be made clear to potential ministry recruits at the Expo? If a potential recruit is to call a certain number or show up at a particular event to observe, etc., will someone answer when they call? When they show up to observe, will there be a formal process to facilitate their further progress into your ministry?

3) If your ministry is NOT open to new, qualified people, is there a valid reason? Is your ministry free of social barriers or cliques that would prevent new people from becoming part of what God is doing through you and your ministry? Is your ministry based on calling and qualification rather than personality types or prior social connections?  (NOTE: Truthfully, it is hard for me to imagine that there is not some way to involve new people into every ministry but I suppose it is possible that there could be a valid reason that a ministry would be closed to new involvement. I think it would have to be a really good one!)

Family, Team, and Army

One of the things that I am always proud to say to those who attend Catch The Vision, is that any person who wants to come in and be a healthy part of the SGT family, team, and army will be welcomed to do so. I love that about SGT! I believe that about SGT!! One of the ways we perpetuate that reality is by opening our arms and our hearts to new people who want to serve the Lord at SGT.