If the SGT Ministry Expo were a house . . .

If the 2014 SGT Ministry Expo were a house, I would say the lights are starting to come on. Oh, there are still some dark rooms where no one seems to be stirring yet—but they will!

About ten more forms have been turned in. Here’s the list of THOSE WHO HAVE FILLED OUT THE FORM! Are YOU on it?

Children’s Choir  (See music ministry listings)

Home Missions Committee

Prayer Partners Committee

Short-Term Committee

Unreached People Groups

Everyday Evangelism

Share Your Faith Workshop

Angel Tree

Spanish Ministry

Ministries /Information Counter

Celebrate Recovery:

Divorce Care

Grief Share

Married for Life Groups

N.A.M.E. Ministry

Widowed Ministry

Children’s Choir

T H E  T A B L E

Medical Team

Parking Lot Ministry

Security Team


The Happenings

Men’s Fellowship

Corporate Prayer Meetings

Strategic Prayer for our Communities

Standing in The Gap for our Loved Ones

265-Need (265-6333)   Intercessory Phone Line

Mother’s Uplifting Mothers Spiritually (MUMS)

Living in the Word

Food Pantry

Ministry of Helps?

Women in Missions?



Magic Vinny

7 thoughts on “If the SGT Ministry Expo were a house . . .

  1. Hi Pastor Scott and Anna. We completed a registration form for Prison Fellowship-sharing a table with Angel Tree the first night that you sent it out. I don’t see Prison Fellowship on your list. Thank you for checking. Sharon Niskanen

    “Grace and peace to you from God our Father and The Lord Jesus Christ”. II Cor. 1:2 Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hi Pastor Scott, I filled out the registration form and e-mailed to you about 3 weeks ago, but I`m not on the list.Did you receive it? Ann Migliore

  3. Hi, Pastor Scott and Anna. I included World Impact Prayer Points as participating in Expo. Would you double–check your listing, please?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Faith, I did see that. I just did not know where it fit in the Ministry Index. In other words, that ministry is not worded that way in the index so I could not tell whether it was a missions ministry or a women’s ministry expression. I had several of those that Anna was sorting on yesterday. The only other question I had for you was it seemed that you were representing three ministries across two tables. Do you have someone who will be taking responsibility for those with you so that it is fully represented?

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