No “Mini” Expo This Sunday!

Hey Expo leaders: There will be no “mini” Expo in the Narthex this Sunday! Why? Well, let’s just say we didn’t want what was meant to be an after glow to become an “after groan”!

Last Sunday was such a great day that it just seemed best to go out with a bang.


…send me your photos and or videos of the Expo or the Variety Show

…be sure to FOLLOW-UP with everyone who signed-up at your table

…let me know how your sign-ups went and any other testimonies of the day

…write down any suggestions for next year’s Expo



Follow Up! Follow Up! Follow Up!

I have been told that many ministries received lots of sign-ups from people interested in helping in their ministries. That is fantastic! NOW, remember: it is of the utmost importance that you follow-up with all of those who registered or signed-up with your ministry! Please call them or contact them in whatever way you have indicated!

Let’s make sure that after a great Expo weekend comes an even greater follow-up!


The 2014 SGT Ministry Expo Was A Day To Remember!

What a pleasure it was for me to watch the Expo take place today!Expo Flyer! You ministry leaders brought your A-games and our church family showed up!

After the first service was dismissed to attend the Expo, the exhibit area came alive with a crush of people! Leaders and congregants alike discovered ministries they did not know existed at SGT! Ed and Patti gettin' they picture on!

I gained a fresh appreciation for the creativity, zeal, and heart of our ministry leaders! You guys made the Expo happen! It was a joy to watch you fellowship with one another and with the body! It really was a beautiful showcase of your hard work for the Kingdom of God!

The Variety Show was off the chain! The auditorium was overflowing, the crowd was energetic, and each act was at their best! Vinny you were awesome at the Expo Armwrestling Exhibition!

The first Expy Awards were given out–one for the best table and the other for the volunteer most helpful in making the Expo a success. The table Expy went to the Thanksgiving Basket table, coordinated by Joan Andersen. The volunteer Expy went to Justin Majeed who took the set-up day and the electricity challenge on his back!

And the food at the Expo Cafe was terrific! John Long and the chef’s did a wonderful job and the food was terrific!

The Youth and the SGTKIds Expos respectively brought great variety, fun, and energy to the Expo!Love these guys!

The truth is I am finding it hard to adequately express the satisfaction I have at our first SGT Ministry Expo! Thank you ministry leaders and SGT family! You really made it happen today!

Please share your pictures, comments, and suggestions! I welcome all of them. I can’t wait to get started on next year’s Expo!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

I am so proud of you all and your awesome table displays! Tomorrow is going to be a great day!

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Set-Up Times, and Expo Schedule: For Those Who Missed the Email!

1) As of right now, it looks like set-up time for the Expo will begin on Saturday September 20 at 3pm. All tables and displays must be fully set-up by the end of the evening (the building closes at 10 pm).

2) All Expo tables must be staffed during the following times on September 21:

8 am – 8:40 am

9:45 am* – 10:40 am

11:45 am* until 3 pm (activities will increase at noon and food will be available a that time)

 *Please note that Pastor Zarlengo will be dismissing you early from the service you attend in order to give you time to get settled at your table.

**You are free to staff your table for the entire day of course!

3) Please plan to attend the full day at the Expo. The day should end no later than five o’clock (hopefully).

If you have any questions, please call Anna at 265-2485, Ext. 112, or email her at

Looking forward to working with you at the Expo!


One of the things I am excited about at the Expo is the Photobooth! photobooth gopherNorma Kemp is running this for us.

We want your picture for two reasons. The first reason is to put together a church photo directory for the website. It will be a simple pdf file attached to the new website (being unveiled soon!) that people can access when they want to. It will help us learn one another’s names! This is not just for leaders but for EVERYONE in the congregation who wants their photo in the church directory. It is strictly voluntary (although we are hoping for 100% of our leaders to have their pictures taken) and you can have it removed anytime you want to.

The second reason is for Arena, our new church management software. It has the capability to add a picture to our church’s record of you. This will help with ministry volunteering, sign-ups, etc.

Look for the big cloud of balloons at the Expo tables and you will find the Photobooth!


Things Are Coming Together For The Expo!

blog pic

I am getting excited about the Expo! Things are really coming together!  Why would anyone want to miss it?!

We’ve got ministry leaders who are excited about showcasing their ministries! We have the excitement of SGT Kids Expo and the Youth Ministry Expo!! We’ve got great food being prepared by John Long, Jane and Joanne and the crew!!! I have volunteers for the Gopher team and the backstage crew for the Variety show!!!! We have a great line-up for our SGT Family Variety Show!!!!! Vinny Vetere is ready to take on all comers!!!!!! And we have a great congregation to serve on Expo day!!!!!! How could it get any better?

Only 14 Days Until The Expo!

It is almost here! Don’t miss the Expo! Ministries are busy planning their displays! There will be lots of “give-aways” too! 

At the end of the Variety Show, we will give out two awards: One for the best ministry table, and another for the person most instrumental in helping to make the Expo a success! 

The Expo is all day on September 21! Make plans to be there! You will be glad you did!!