One of the things I am excited about at the Expo is the Photobooth! photobooth gopherNorma Kemp is running this for us.

We want your picture for two reasons. The first reason is to put together a church photo directory for the website. It will be a simple pdf file attached to the new website (being unveiled soon!) that people can access when they want to. It will help us learn one another’s names! This is not just for leaders but for EVERYONE in the congregation who wants their photo in the church directory. It is strictly voluntary (although we are hoping for 100% of our leaders to have their pictures taken) and you can have it removed anytime you want to.

The second reason is for Arena, our new church management software. It has the capability to add a picture to our church’s record of you. This will help with ministry volunteering, sign-ups, etc.

Look for the big cloud of balloons at the Expo tables and you will find the Photobooth!


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