Regent logoI am excited to announce that Regent University will be attending this year’s EXPO! This is great for our church, our school, and for churches in the area primarily because they are a Pentecostal/Charismatic institution, highly rated among major universities, and are now offering a number of important degree programs completely online!

Many times I have had conversations with young and old alike who feel called to ministry and would like some kind of formal training. Especially for those with families, it is next to impossible to uproot their lives, leave town, and enter a degree program on campus somewhere. So, Regent, better than any other Christian educational institution, is offering many degrees now that are completely online!

What will it cost? Well, of course education is not cheap, but Regent will work with people to help them reach their educational goals.

This is a great add to our EXPO!


Regent University is Coming to the EXPO!

2 thoughts on “Regent University is Coming to the EXPO!

  1. This is GREAT NEWS! That is AWESOME Pastor Scott. I had recently inquired about their online certificate program. Now I can speak to the Reps in person at the EXPO!

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