A Kind Letter of Support for the EXPO!

Dear Pastor Scott, Penny and Anna Choy …many others

Just A quick note to thank Pastor Scott, Penny, Anna, the Gophers and the many others who did so much to make the Expo a huge success!! Praise the Lord we signed up 28 new  prayer warriors to pray for our ministries!!  Debbie and I had an opportunity to speak to many ministry leaders. We were able hear their hearts and to better understand how we can prayerfully support the ministries they so passionately lead, many are willing to speak to our team of intercessors at future team meetings to share what God is doing and how we can best pray for the outreach they represent. I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to be part of a church that is doing so much to reach out in so many ways with Gods Amazing Love! We are truly a Family, Team, and Army!

So Blessed and Thankful! for all of You

Lots of Love

Patti Lewis

Thank You!

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The 2015 SGT Ministry EXPO has come and gone and by all accounts it was a success! I have heard reports of many sign-ups for ministries, connection between
n ministries, and a lot of fun and fellowship! Thank you for all you did to make it a success!


My hat is off as well to the many Gophers who came out in force on Saturday for set-up and Sunday for the event. They made themselves available and took the EXPO on their backs and made it happen!

Speaking of Gophers, the annual Gopher Awards went to Tim and Rebekah Hoppe and to David Rivera for their above and beyond service to the EXPO as Gophers. The Gopher Award for the Best Table went to the Spanish Women’s Ministries!


The Variety Show was a lot of fun this year! From Sam Kim’s impression of Donald Trump to our Pastors’ version of The Voice, it was loads of fun. Here are some pics!


Next year’s EXPO is September 18!



The EXPO is Almost Here!


Just a few thoughts about your preparation for the EXPO.

Of course, there are the standard requirements of setting up on September 19 from 5 to 9 pm. We are going to do everything possible to make your set-up time as problem free as we can.

Remember to be at your tables by 8am on EXPO day! You should expect to see traffic in the EXPO increase as the morning moves along, even during the services. My recollection from last year was that when first service released the EXPO area was swamped with people! I loved it!

Please do not begin breaking down your displays until 5pm on EXPO day. And remember: only 250 people can fit into the auditorium for the variety show which begins at 3. So, there is every reason to expect traffic in the EXPO area up until 5pm. We will see!

Here are some logistical thoughts about your tables, etc.

If you will be needing power PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN EXTENSION CORD. A power strip will be very near to everyone’s general area but you will need a personal extension cord to reach to the power strip.

If you are using a tri-fold display or anything with an unfinished backside to it please make it presentable. Blank is fine but hopefully intentionally finished and not cardboard and definitely not the manufacturer’s lettering, etc.


If you want your team to have personalized lanyard tags their names must be sent to Anna ASAP!

This year there will be an EXPO table underneath an EXPO pop-up tent. It will be the central clearinghouse for questions, etc.

One of the most important things to remember is to have a way for people to sign-up for your ministry and remember to follow-up with those people immediately after the EXPO. Don’t assume someone else or the pastor over you or even one of the secretaries. Every ministry leader and their team are responsible for this all-important aspect of the EXPO.


Finally, take note of the displays set-up by our national/regional guests. Let’s learn from them!

The EXPO Welcomes Soundview Pregnancy Services!

I am happy to announce that Soundview Pregnancy Services (formerly the Care Center) will be one of special guests at the EXPO!

All of us are highly aware of the ongoing tragedy of abortion in the country. The purpose of the EXPO is to shine a light on ministries that the body needs to know about. Soundview Pregnancy Services is one of those ministries! They offer support and assistance to anyone uncertain about sexual relationships or who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.   They provide the information and support needed to sort through the choices faced in an unexpected pregnancy. They help prepare women to make an informed choice with pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, they support life decisions with resources and referrals to community agencies and offer parenting education, material assistance and adoption referrals, post-abortion support along with healthy relationship skills. Welcome to the EXPO Soundview!

Thank You SGT Ministry Leaders!

At SGT we have some of the most dedicated ministry leaders (along with their teams) to be found anywhere! I remember how proud I was of everyone last year! I am so excited about this year’s EXPO! I am very happy with the list of special guests we have coming this year, and I think we are going to have a lot of fun. But I want all of you SGT leaders and your teams to know that no part of the EXPO is more important or valuable than each of you and your ministries! You are the core of what the EXPO is all about. I hope you are encouraged! I hope you are inspired! Thank you again for all that you are doing to be ready for the EXPO!