The EXPO is Almost Here!


Just a few thoughts about your preparation for the EXPO.

Of course, there are the standard requirements of setting up on September 19 from 5 to 9 pm. We are going to do everything possible to make your set-up time as problem free as we can.

Remember to be at your tables by 8am on EXPO day! You should expect to see traffic in the EXPO increase as the morning moves along, even during the services. My recollection from last year was that when first service released the EXPO area was swamped with people! I loved it!

Please do not begin breaking down your displays until 5pm on EXPO day. And remember: only 250 people can fit into the auditorium for the variety show which begins at 3. So, there is every reason to expect traffic in the EXPO area up until 5pm. We will see!

Here are some logistical thoughts about your tables, etc.

If you will be needing power PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN EXTENSION CORD. A power strip will be very near to everyone’s general area but you will need a personal extension cord to reach to the power strip.

If you are using a tri-fold display or anything with an unfinished backside to it please make it presentable. Blank is fine but hopefully intentionally finished and not cardboard and definitely not the manufacturer’s lettering, etc.


If you want your team to have personalized lanyard tags their names must be sent to Anna ASAP!

This year there will be an EXPO table underneath an EXPO pop-up tent. It will be the central clearinghouse for questions, etc.

One of the most important things to remember is to have a way for people to sign-up for your ministry and remember to follow-up with those people immediately after the EXPO. Don’t assume someone else or the pastor over you or even one of the secretaries. Every ministry leader and their team are responsible for this all-important aspect of the EXPO.


Finally, take note of the displays set-up by our national/regional guests. Let’s learn from them!

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