The EXPO Welcomes Soundview Pregnancy Services!

I am happy to announce that Soundview Pregnancy Services (formerly the Care Center) will be one of special guests at the EXPO!

All of us are highly aware of the ongoing tragedy of abortion in the country. The purpose of the EXPO is to shine a light on ministries that the body needs to know about. Soundview Pregnancy Services is one of those ministries! They offer support and assistance to anyone uncertain about sexual relationships or who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.   They provide the information and support needed to sort through the choices faced in an unexpected pregnancy. They help prepare women to make an informed choice with pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, they support life decisions with resources and referrals to community agencies and offer parenting education, material assistance and adoption referrals, post-abortion support along with healthy relationship skills. Welcome to the EXPO Soundview!

One thought on “The EXPO Welcomes Soundview Pregnancy Services!

  1. Welcome Soundview! Thank you for being a solution and wonderful resource to bring clarity and hope in making the best decision for an unexpected pregnancy. You DO have a choice and do not have to go to Planned (Un)Parenthood, where biblically unethical tragedies are occurring.

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