Thank You!

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The 2015 SGT Ministry EXPO has come and gone and by all accounts it was a success! I have heard reports of many sign-ups for ministries, connection between
n ministries, and a lot of fun and fellowship! Thank you for all you did to make it a success!


My hat is off as well to the many Gophers who came out in force on Saturday for set-up and Sunday for the event. They made themselves available and took the EXPO on their backs and made it happen!

Speaking of Gophers, the annual Gopher Awards went to Tim and Rebekah Hoppe and to David Rivera for their above and beyond service to the EXPO as Gophers. The Gopher Award for the Best Table went to the Spanish Women’s Ministries!


The Variety Show was a lot of fun this year! From Sam Kim’s impression of Donald Trump to our Pastors’ version of The Voice, it was loads of fun. Here are some pics!


Next year’s EXPO is September 18!



2 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. The table configuration was great this year, plenty of room. It gave the look and feel of a very seasoned ministry Expo! On a personal note, everyone on our team had a great time of fellowship and meeting new parents. Thank you Pastor Scott and Anna for a job well done. P.S. we have 35 children registered for our 1st week of sign ups.

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