Let the EXPO Countdown Begin!

2016 shield with date and gopher made in photoshopIt is time to wake up our EXPO brains and begin to think through all that needs to be done in each of our ministries in order to be ready for the third annual SGT Ministry EXPO!

While there is still plenty of time, now is a good time to check the EXPO calendar and merge it with your personal calendar so that you don’t miss any meetings, deadlines, or the EXPO itself. It is also a good time to remind your ministry teams about the EXPO. You might want to email them a link to this blog or simply post the blog on your Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram.

A lot of details will certainly follow, but here are three questions to help get your creative juices flowing:

  1. In what way can you step-up your booth at this year’s EXPO?
  2. What give-aways are you going to have this year?
  3. What “lessons” did you learn from your participation in last year’s EXPO?

Stay tuned to this blog for all the EXPO updates you need to be ready this year! Click the blue Follow button at the bottom of the page to follow the EXPO blog.