Your Preference, Please!

Here’s a question: Which would be best for your ministry set-up at the EXPO: Standing or sitting behi2016 shield with date and gopher made in photoshopnd your table, or standing/sitting in front of your table? This year we will be working with Tim and Rebecca Hoppe on a set-up for the EXPO that reflects what we did last year but will improve it in a few ways. So, please email Anna (my secretary) and give her the name of your ministry and tell her whether your display would favor you being in front or behind your table.

Don’t forget the EXPO Orientation, July 17, in the Auditorium!


2 thoughts on “Your Preference, Please!

  1. Hi Anna, I have asked the Prayer Partners Committee for their feedback to this question, So far 1 response-Behind the table. Will keep you posted as I received their feed back. Also do we have enough of the SGT Missions Globe Ball give aways left for the EXPO? I will ask on Thursday if there are any other ideas or preferences from the other Mission Coordinators. Thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf. With much love and appreciation, Your sister, Sharon


  2. Hi Anna, The Mission Coordinator’s thought that ideally next to the table is best. That would mean we are all requesting corner properties. They felt second best is in front of the table. I can survey the Mission Board tomorrow night. I know that you and Pastor Scott must be on the edges of your seats and holding your breath in anticipation of our next exciting update😊🎼🎼💒✝ Your sister, Sharon

    “Grace and peace to you from God our Father and The Lord Jesus Christ”. II Cor. 1:2 Sent from my iPhone


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