Blue Light Specials?

Alright, folks, we have not had many express a desire to be featured with an EXPO Blue light Special! There is only room for 7-10. We will decide by the first full week of September so, if you have an interest, pitch your idea!blue light special

Introducing the EXPO Blue Light Special!

blue light special

Hi everybody! I have a new idea for this year’s EXPO. There is room for a few ministries to be highlighted by providing an extra-special give-away at the EXPO. It can’t be a basic give-away like a pen or a magnet, etc. It has to be extra-special. Here’s how it will work. We will appoint a Blue Light Special Gopher come to your ministry table, turn on the light and then people will come in order to receive a special gift or have a chance to receive it. We can work out the details once we know who is going to be featured.

By my estimation we have room for seven Blue Light Special features. We could possible expand that to ten if there are enough quality give-aways.

Here’s what you do next if you want to be considered for the Blue Light Special feature:

  1. Come up with a great give-away.
  2. Let Anna know what you would like to do.
  3. Wait and see if your ministry is selected to be featured.
  4. Be prepared to adjust your idea if necessary.