Spreading the EXPO to the Island!

One of the visions for the EXPO is that it would be a resource to area churches and a source of inspiration for those in ministry.

The SGT congregation is so interconnected with other churches and pastors on the island and in the area that I thought it would be good if I could motivate all of you to personally connect with your pastor friends and their families and invite them to the EXPO.

Here is what I am asking all of the EXPO ministry leaders and teams to do: get in touch with your pastor friends and their families (whether they are on staff or are senior pastors) and if they come to the EXPO we will give them the V.I.P. treatment, starting with comping their meals (the pastor and his wife). We will also have a special gift bag. All they have to do is come to the EXPO tent and sign in.

Now, it will help us to know if they are coming so that we can be prepared. So, if you make personal contact with a pastor and his family and get an affirming response, let us know and we will be ready! We will also follow-up with an E-invite if you provide us with their email address.

Please help us spread the EXPO to the island!

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