Welcome to the EXPO Blog Site SGT Family!

The EXPO is only seven days away! Here are the reasons you should plan to be at SGT ALL DAY LONG next Sunday, September 18…

First, it satisfies one of the goals of our church’s Vision Statement: “To CONNECT with one another in fellowship…” 

The EXPO is a full and fun opportunity to connect with others at SGT and to enjoy great food and fellowship. Since food makes fellowship more fun, here’s the menu from the EXPO Cafe:

Grilled chicken with roasted peppers, prosciutto and topped with mozzarella, accompanied with a port wine Demi glacé served on a bed of roasted garlic smashed potatoes. Eggplant rollentini- thinly sliced eggplant, stuffed with pesto angel hair pasta. Topped with homemade marinara and melted mozzarella. And a salad. 

Wow! Right? Now, fun also makes fellowship more…well…fun, there will be loads of that as well!

You can get your picture taken at the Happy Faces Photobooth, chase down the EXPO Blue Light Specials that will be happening from 1 until 3 pm, try and keep up with all that the Center (SGT’s youth group), the Royal Rangers, and the SGT Kids will be doing, AND DON’T FORGET The EXPO Family Variety Show at 3 pm! Plus, there are always lots of great giveaways at the ministry booths!

The second way that the SGT Ministry EXPO satisfies SGT’s Vision Statement is by helping to create an environment where you can to experience “the transforming power of the Holy Spirit through…serving in ministry!”

The EXPO is the perfect time to discover ministries that can minister to you and your family, and also to discover ministries you can become a part of! For those who come to the EXPO from other churches, the ministries represented will serve to inspire them to reach even higher heights for the Kingdom of God. This year’s special guests include:

Xulon Logo        ORU        open-gates


Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!
This year at the EXPO, there will be two great opportunities to win prizes!

First, the EXPO Blue Light Special! Too young to know what that is? Just run to the flashing blue light. Run to the light!!

blue light special

The EXPO Variety Show will feature a “prize throw”! (Must attend to figure out…)

Did I mention the EXPO Family Variety Show?

Some special things are being planned for sure. I can tell you that Donald Trump will be there! What more do you want? Want more? THERE’S GONNA BE MORE!

Sam Kim

The Bottom Line? You can afford to miss a moment of this year’s SGT Ministry EXPO!! I will see you there…



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