Pastors Are VIPs at the SGT Ministry EXPO!

If you are a Pastor of a church on Long Island or in the Greater New York City area, we invite you to come and be inspired at this year’s SGT Ministry EXPO.

What is an EXPO?

The modern “expo” concept goes back at least 225 years to “an industrial exhibition” held in honor of “the coronation of Leopold II as king of Bohemia” featuring a “considerable sophistication of manufacturing methods.”1 The idea behind an expo is to bring together in one place the most innovative, cutting edge technology, methods, inventions, etc., contemporary and relevant to the times. So, how does this apply to the SGT Ministry EXPO?

What is the SGT Ministry EXPO?

The SGT Ministry EXPO began as a means for the Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle to showcase its ministries to its own congregation for the purpose of helping them find ministries that can minister to them and to help them find ministries that they can come alongside of and participate in (for more click to read our Dreaming Big document).

Last year, we began inviting outside ministry guests and local church pastors and their congregations.

This year’s guests are Xulon Publishing, Oral Roberts University, and Open Gates Ministries from here on Long Island.

Why should local pastors come to the EXPO?

Most importantly, it is our hope that the eighty or so ministries on display from SGT plus our outside guests will provide ideas, inspiration, and encouragement for pastors and their leaders to take back to their own churches. Perhaps it will be the idea of the EXPO itself. In any case, it is a great day of encouragement for ministries. Our vision for the EXPO is that we would reach for and demonstrate—or have demonstrated to us—the latest technologies, the newest ideas, and the most cutting edge ministry tools possible! That we would be inspired and have our own visions for ministry made larger! The EXPO is not simply for our own local church, but for all the churches and ministries on Long Island, the greater New York City area, and beyond. Big vision? Yes! But great achievement begins with the smallest of persistent efforts!

Secondly, we want to honor our local pastors by giving them the VIP treatment! This includes comping a meal for the pastor and his or her guest and a gift bag. Just let us know you are coming and check-in at the EXPO tent when you arrive.


Here is a link that will answer logistical questions.  However, of course pastors have their own services on Sunday! So, just know that lunch is served at 12 noon (for as long as it is available), the variety show starts at 3 (it will be standing room only), and the exhibits will be in place until 3 pm.

Pastors, we hope to see you at the EXPO!


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