Great EXPO!

Super Job at the EXPO everyone! Send us your pics, email your testimonies, suggestions, complaints, etc. Thanks to every ministry leader, team member, Gopher, variety show act, etc. for making this a great EXPO! Thanks Tim Hoppe for a great floor set-up! Next year’s date is September 17!

2 thoughts on “Great EXPO!

  1. 1. Loved the pod arrangement!
    2. Difficult to have conversations at the display table much of the time; next year perhaps some training of holding the mic farther away when the person speaking has a voice that doesn’t need as much volume; then those whose voice is needing more amplification can hold the mic close.
    3. Wonderful response to the invitation to stop and pray with another person for our adopted UPGs, the Banjar and Souss Berber. Awesome to know those prayers have been heard and the answers are forthcoming.
    4. Lunch was delightful and good; thank you!
    5. The gophers served so well, making set up, the flow of the day, and then the break down superb.
    6. I thought we were not to break down displays until 5, and because I was in a significant conversation, I was not ready for the earlier time; challenging to not be prepared for what for me was unexpected. Can you help me figure out where I missed the memo? I want to avoid a repeat of that misunderstanding.
    7. If the eating area could have the speakers off or down next year, being able to enjoy each other’s company would be a lovely thing.
    8. Thank you to Annarita, Penney, Pastor Scott and each team member for superb leadership, servanthood, vision and execution of that vision.
    9. Thank you to those who shared my pod; what generous hearts!
    10. Thank you to Doreen and Lori for sharing their carts, trusting me to get them back to the proper home, to Alan and Kevin, Royal Rangers, for being so thoughtful, helping me break down the 2 displays and get things sorted to car, narthex, and EXPO tent.

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