The EXPO Train is Coming Down the Tracks!

It’s just a little over two months before the Fourth Annual SGT Ministry EXPO arrives! I hope you are excited about it! There are going to be some surprises this year that I am not quite ready to spring on you yet.

One of the things that I hope happens at this year’s EXPO is that ministry leaders and their teams will feel appreciated and honored. Of course, the purpose for the EXPO is to showcase ministries so that:

-Our congregation can discover new opportunities for ministry involvement

-People who need ministry will know where to get it

However, one of the byproducts of the EXPO –at least a possibility–is for the Gophers to be of service to and a blessing to our ministry leaders.  In any case, at the heart of the EXPO is our ministries, their leaders, and the teams of people who make those ministries happen.

Stay tuned for more. Till then, brainstorm about how this year your ministry can be highlighted better than ever!

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