Expo FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a personal ministry. Can I have a table at the Expo?

The SGT Ministry Expo is first and foremost designed to showcase SGT ministries. However, for some individual ministries that meet specific parameters, limited space may be available.  If you are a faithful attendee of SGT, if people can get involved with you in your ministry and/or your ministry provides a genuine service to our families, and if there is no sales angles to your promotion, you will be a candidate for table space at the Expo. Table space and permission to participate at the Expo will be granted at the sole discretion of Expo leadership.

How can I help with the Expo?

If you would like to be part of the Expo team, just call the church at 631-265-2485, ext. 112, and sign up with Anna. You can also email us at sgtmxp@gmail.com.

Can I share a table with another ministry? Do I have to share a table with another ministry?

Ideally, every ministry would have its own table and be able to “fill out” the table. However, it may be that certain ministries would go well together. It is also possible that, due to space, we may have to ask certain ministries to share a table. Just lets us know your preference and we will take that into consideration as we move forward.

Am I allowed to sell anything or receive and offering for the ministry I lead?

No. The purpose of the Expo is to showcase our ministries and to show people how they can either be ministered to by various ministries or how they can get involved in ministering to others in various ministries. In fact, there will be no individual ministry tables where people are selling items.


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