The EXPO Cometh!

We are only 17 days away from the EXPO and only 16 away from set-up. Here’s a check-list:

[_]  If you are using a tri-fold display, is the back of it “finished” or “unfinished”? (No unfinished tri-fold backs allowed!)

[_] Do you have high expectations for your ministry booth? In other words, are you doing all you can to look your very best? The EXPO is a showcase for YOUR ministry!

[_] Are all your give-aways in order? People love give-aways!

[_] Have you made a proposal for a Blue Light Special? There is still time…

[_] Are you prepared for sign-ups? Make sure people know how they can be part of your ministry!

[_] Make a note: Set-up BEGINS at 5pm on Saturday, September 16 and not before. 

[_] Someone should be available at your table constantly beginning no later than 10:15 am (even sooner if possible).

[_] Make a note: Tear-down begins at 3pm on EXPO day (not before.)

[_] Please have extra help at your table so that you can attend one of the services and so that it never has to be unattended.

These are just a few items to help you get your EXPO brain in order!

What’s Up Naomi Pierro’s Sleeve for her EXPO Show?

Naomi is going to be exploring the opposite sides of the Theater Masks: comedy and tragedy and some in between through monologue, musical theater songs, and opera. The show will include pieces from: Wicked, Ragtime, Shrek, The Magic Flute, Cosi fan Tutte, and the Wizard of Oz.

You do NOT want to miss Naomi’s show!

Excited About the EXPO App!

Hey y’all, I am excited about the EXPO App! It’s going to make things much more accessible and—well—cool.

HOWEVER, it will only be as good as the information we receive for your ministry! At the very least, since one of the main purposes of the EXPO is to help you recruit people for your ministry, is contact information. Who should a person contact in order to be a part of your ministry?

So, please take a moment to think it through and make sure that we have any logos, links to ministry websites, emails, phone numbers, video links, etc., so that you spot in the app will pop!

Guess Who!

Hey gang, guess who’s gonna Emcee the Variety Show? None other than MaureenMaureen Arasmo Arasmo! Don’t you think she will be great at it? I do! When you see her give her some encouragement!

The ball has started rolling for the Variety Show so if you want to audition or know someone who should tell them to get in touch with me right away!

[P.S. We won’t let Maureen get away without singing for us!]

Remember the EXPO Blue Light Special?

Hey guys remember the EXPO Blue Light Special? Let’s do it again!IMG_0861

So here’s the deal: everyone can’t do it only because there is not time and it will lose its affect. So, we will allow 8 BLSs and only the very best ones will be chosen. So:

  • Get with your overseeing Pastor and your team
  • Decide on the best proposal for a Blue Light Special
  • Let Anna know what your idea is (265-2485, Ext  112)

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!



Some Exciting News for the EXPO!

Hi everybody! Two exciting things to share with you about the EXPO.


This year, we are adding a very special entertainment opportunity.

From 2:00 until 2:30 none other than Naomi Pierro will be showcasing her talents on the EXPO stage.

More information later on what you can expect from Naomi!


This year we will have an app designed especially for the EXPO! The main take away here is that I need detailed information about your ministry so that it can be entered into the app’s data base.

When people select the list of exhibitors, they can select your ministry and a whole page of information

will show up. So: send me your leader names, contact information, logo, website, description of your ministry.

We need this information no later than August 13! If you miss that deadline you may not be able to be included

  • mainly because the company may not be able to update it in time. It’s a lot of information.
  • But also because we have other important things to do and once we are done with this we may not be able to come back to it

You can include website links, video links, etc.

Okay, so get me your information!


Wanna be the EMCEE?

The EXPO Variety Show needs an Emcee! Are you funny? Good in front of a crowd? You could be the one!

To be the EVS Emcee, you have to:

  • be willing to help coordinate the acts into a good working order for the show
  • be able to stay within given time limits for the acts and the show as a whole
  • work with Gopher volunteers to pull together the necessary props for the show
  • oversee the process that lets acts know when it is their time to perform



FYI the Emcee position is not an opportunity to perform but to facilitate!

Wanna give it a try? Fill out the form below and paste a link of your Emcee skills (official or unofficial) in the comments box.