What is the path?

The purpose of the EXPO is to help people find the path to our ministries. Now, that path may lead them to you because they need you to minister to them or they may be good candidates for coming alongside your ministry and joining your team. So, what is the path someone should take in order to come alongside and join your well_worn_pathministry?

Here are some questions to help your ministry be prepared for the EXPO:

1) How can someone get involved in your ministry? Can they? Is your ministry open to any qualified person who might present themselves to you at the Expo saying, “I really want to come alongside of you and serve in your area”?

2)  If your answer is “Yes,” what are the qualifications a person needs in order to do what you are doing or at least to help you do what you do? Are those qualifications written down so that they can be made clear to potential ministry recruits at the Expo? If a potential recruit is to call a certain number or show up at a particular event to observe, etc., will someone answer when they call? When they show up to observe, will there be a formal process to facilitate their further progress into your ministry?

3) If your ministry is NOT open to new, qualified people, is there a valid reason? Is your ministry free of social barriers or cliques that would prevent new people from becoming part of what God is doing through you and your ministry? Is your ministry based on calling and qualification rather than personality types or prior social connections?  (NOTE: Truthfully, it is hard for me to imagine that there is not some way to involve new people into every ministry but I suppose it is possible that there could be a valid reason that a ministry would be closed to new involvement. I think it would have to be a really good one!)

What time does the EXPO start?

As you all know, we have Gopher Clocknew service times this year so we will adjust the schedule slightly.

  1. Set-up, as last year, begins at 5 PM, September 17. Please make every effort NOT to try and set-up earlier. It really does make it more difficult for those setting up.

2. Sunday morning, someone on your team must be at your table by 8:30 AM. Please alternate table attendance so that the tables are staffed at all times and so that everyone can attend one of the services.


Introducing the EXPO Blue Light Special!

blue light special

Hi everybody! I have a new idea for this year’s EXPO. There is room for a few ministries to be highlighted by providing an extra-special give-away at the EXPO. It can’t be a basic give-away like a pen or a magnet, etc. It has to be extra-special. Here’s how it will work. We will appoint a Blue Light Special Gopher come to your ministry table, turn on the light and then people will come in order to receive a special gift or have a chance to receive it. We can work out the details once we know who is going to be featured.

By my estimation we have room for seven Blue Light Special features. We could possible expand that to ten if there are enough quality give-aways.

Here’s what you do next if you want to be considered for the Blue Light Special feature:

  1. Come up with a great give-away.
  2. Let Anna know what you would like to do.
  3. Wait and see if your ministry is selected to be featured.
  4. Be prepared to adjust your idea if necessary.

Xulon Press and Oral Roberts Univeristy Will Be Attending the EXPO!

The 2016 SGT Ministry EXPO is excited to announce the return of Xulon Press to this year’s EXPO! Last year was very successful for Xulon and they are eager to return.Xulon Logo

I am also excited to announce that Oral Roberts University will be one of our national guests as well! Carolyn Udall will be here for the EXPO as well as SCS on the Monday following!ORU

For more on the vision behind inviting national level guests, read this!

The 2016 SGT Ministry EXPO: Still Dreaming Big!

Two years ago, the “beta” version of the EXPO was a showcase for ministries with the purpose of recruiting people into involvement in ministry in the local church and/or to shine a light on ministries they can benefit from. Last year, EXPO 2.0 continued with that purpose but expanded the vision to include some regional/national level ministries such as Xulon Press, Regent University, and Logos Bile Software. We also extended an invitation to regional churches to come and be exposed to the ministries of SGT, and our regional/national guests, for the purpose of inspiring them in their own ministry contexts and perhaps even to inspire them to duplicate those ministries in their own ministry venues. Of course, the purpose for invitiGopher with dogtagsng regional and national level guests is that all participants would be inspired and challenged by the visions and operations of those ministries.

The modern “expo” concept goes back at least 225 years to “an industrial exhibition” held in honor of “the coronation of Leopold II as king of Bohemia” featuring a “considerable sophistication of manufacturing methods.”1 The idea behind an expo is to bring together in one place the most innovative, cutting edge technology, methods, inventions, etc., contemporary and relevant to the times. So, how does this apply to the SGT Ministry EXPO?

Our vision for the EXPO is that we would reach for and demonstrate—or have demonstrated to us—the latest technologies, the newest ideas, and the most cutting edge ministry tools possible! That we would be inspired and have our own visions for ministry made larger! The EXPO is not simply for our own local church, but for all the churches and ministries on Long Island, the greater New York City area, and beyond. Big vision? Yes! But great achievement begins with the smallest of persistent efforts!

So, what might this vision look like if we can achieve it? First, let me be clear: the EXPO is not about luring people from other churches to our church. This is counter to what we are all about at SGT. It is, rather, an opportunity for us to demonstrate possibilities for ministry that can be imported by others into their churches. Those possibilities for ministry may be ministries already happening at SGT. However, they may be ministries that can be demonstrated to us at the EXPO by guests we can invite for that purpose. The main criterion for a regional/national ministry or business to be considered for the EXPO is they must have something useful and innovative to offer to the body of Christ.

The ultimate goal of the 2016 SGT Ministry EXPO is, at the end of the day, that people from near and far will come to the EXPO and leave having enjoyed good Christian fellowship, food, and fun. But more importantly, that they will leave inspired to do great things for God and His Kingdom!


1 http://www.czech.cz/en/66361-general-global-exhibition-in-prague-in-1891;



Your Preference, Please!

Here’s a question: Which would be best for your ministry set-up at the EXPO: Standing or sitting behi2016 shield with date and gopher made in photoshopnd your table, or standing/sitting in front of your table? This year we will be working with Tim and Rebecca Hoppe on a set-up for the EXPO that reflects what we did last year but will improve it in a few ways. So, please email Anna (my secretary) and give her the name of your ministry and tell her whether your display would favor you being in front or behind your table.

Don’t forget the EXPO Orientation, July 17, in the Auditorium!


Three EXPO Reminders! Pass Them On!

It is EXPO season, my people! I even dreamed about it last night! (Oh brother!) Anyway, here are three things to take note of and share with other ministry leaders.Gopher with dogtags

First, of course, is the date. The EXPO will take place this year on September 18. Therefore set-up will begin at 5pm the day before.

Second, is the EXPO Orientation mtg. which will be held on July 17 at 10:30 am in the Auditorium. Please bring your praise reports and your suggestions on that day.

Third, please get the word out to any SGT attendee who might dazzle us at the Variety Show!

Finally, if you know of any national level ministries that you think might be a good fit for the EXPO, pass it on to me!

OK. You may now return to your private lives (or whatever else you were doing! Go EXPO!)