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Wanna be the EMCEE?

The EXPO Variety Show needs an Emcee! Are you funny? Good in front of a crowd? You could be the one! To be the EVS Emcee, you have to: be willing to help coordinate the acts into a good working order for the show be able to stay within given time limits for the acts and the show as a whole work with Gopher volunteers to pull together the necessary props for the show oversee the process that lets acts know when it is their time to perform AND MOST… Read more Wanna be the EMCEE?

Want to Audition for the 2017 EXPO Variety Show?

The EXPO Variety Show is a fun event where performers from SGT (sometimes a special guest) perform for a lively, fun-loving SGT audience!  If you would like to be a part of the show, here’s what you need to know: YOU MUST AUDITION!! You must have a genuine, high quality, polished act, skill, or talent that can entertain a family audience You must be willing to stay within all the guidelines of time, quality, dress, etc. set by the show LOTS OF SINGERS WILL AUDITION, SO COMPETITION WILL BE STIFF!… Read more Want to Audition for the 2017 EXPO Variety Show?

Wanna be a Gopher?

What is a GOPHER? Well, the GOPHERS are the ones that make the EXPO happen. From the Saturday set-up to the Blue Light Specials on the day of the EXPO, the Gophers are the EXPO ambassadors. They turn it into a Five Star event!  To be a Gopher, you have to be available on Saturday, September 14, during set-up which begins around 9 and ends at around 4 available during the EXPO (Sunday Sept. 15) from 8:30 until 4. There are various duties, the final one is to help with… Read more Wanna be a Gopher?


I hope all is well in your ministry world! Of course, you have more to do than to prepare for the EXPO. However, I hope you will see the EXPO as a way to tell the church what your ministry is all about and a way to recruit fellow laborers. Sometimes, people at the EXPO sign up for involvement in ministries but when you try to contact them they either don’t remember or are no longer interested. That’s frustrating but it’s ok. That’s the way it is with people. Look… Read more EXPO Prep