Table Tips

Here are some suggestions and tips for your Ministry Expo table!

4 thoughts on “Table Tips

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  2. I am looking to have a 54 inch table cover made for Grief Share and I know you would like us to use the new SGT logo as well. Do you have a link to the logo that I can download in order to incorporate the two?

    • Hi Stacy, I was just talking to Pastor Ted yesterday about how he wants to tie all the ministries under him together. We definitely do have the logo but I would suggest that you ask Pastor Ted his thoughts. The deal is whether to integrate the logos with the SGT logo or not. So, yu are not talking about ordering a pre-existing table cloth from the Grief Share franchise, but designing your own?

  3. Yes, I was going to design my own using a downloadable Grief Share logo and, if you had one, the SGT logo. I did catch up with Pastor Bichsel on Friday about having one made with both logos. I was under the impression that you wanted us to integrate the two logos. However, if it is okay to do it with just my ministry logo, I will do that. I will touch base with Pastor Bichsel again and see if he wants me to do that or not. Will get back to you when I have it figured out. Just want to make sure before I order it. Thanks!

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