Some Exciting News for the EXPO!

Hi everybody! Two exciting things to share with you about the EXPO.


This year, we are adding a very special entertainment opportunity.

From 2:00 until 2:30 none other than Naomi Pierro will be showcasing her talents on the EXPO stage.

More information later on what you can expect from Naomi!


This year we will have an app designed especially for the EXPO! The main take away here is that I need detailed information about your ministry so that it can be entered into the app’s data base.

When people select the list of exhibitors, they can select your ministry and a whole page of information

will show up. So: send me your leader names, contact information, logo, website, description of your ministry.

We need this information no later than August 13! If you miss that deadline you may not be able to be included

  • mainly because the company may not be able to update it in time. It’s a lot of information.
  • But also because we have other important things to do and once we are done with this we may not be able to come back to it

You can include website links, video links, etc.

Okay, so get me your information!


The EXPO Train is Coming Down the Tracks!

It’s just a little over two months before the Fourth Annual SGT Ministry EXPO arrives! I hope you are excited about it! There are going to be some surprises this year that I am not quite ready to spring on you yet.

One of the things that I hope happens at this year’s EXPO is that ministry leaders and their teams will feel appreciated and honored. Of course, the purpose for the EXPO is to showcase ministries so that:

-Our congregation can discover new opportunities for ministry involvement

-People who need ministry will know where to get it

However, one of the byproducts of the EXPO –at least a possibility–is for the Gophers to be of service to and a blessing to our ministry leaders. ┬áIn any case, at the heart of the EXPO is our ministries, their leaders, and the teams of people who make those ministries happen.

Stay tuned for more. Till then, brainstorm about how this year your ministry can be highlighted better than ever!


I hope all is well in your ministry world! Of course, you have more to do than to prepare for the EXPO. However, I hope you will see the EXPO as a way to tell the church what your ministry is all about and a way to recruit fellow laborers.

Sometimes, people at the EXPO sign up for involvement in ministries but when you try to contact them they either don’t remember or are no longer interested. That’s frustrating but it’s ok. That’s the way it is with people.

Look at the recruitment aspect of the EXPO like this: if you can find one or two people who will make a genuine commitment and become genuine parts of your ministry team, it will be worth all the effort you can put into being at your best when the EXPO rolls around on September 17!

Also, remember: we really do believe in prayer, so ask the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into the field you are working in–and to use the EXPO to do it!