Excited About the EXPO App!

Hey y’all, I am excited about the EXPO App! It’s going to make things much more accessible and—well—cool.

HOWEVER, it will only be as good as the information we receive for your ministry! At the very least, since one of the main purposes of the EXPO is to help you recruit people for your ministry, is contact information. Who should a person contact in order to be a part of your ministry?

So, please take a moment to think it through and make sure that we have any logos, links to ministry websites, emails, phone numbers, video links, etc., so that you spot in the app will pop!

Some Exciting News for the EXPO!

Hi everybody! Two exciting things to share with you about the EXPO.


This year, we are adding a very special entertainment opportunity.

From 2:00 until 2:30 none other than Naomi Pierro will be showcasing her talents on the EXPO stage.

More information later on what you can expect from Naomi!


This year we will have an app designed especially for the EXPO! The main take away here is that I need detailed information about your ministry so that it can be entered into the app’s data base.

When people select the list of exhibitors, they can select your ministry and a whole page of information

will show up. So: send me your leader names, contact information, logo, website, description of your ministry.

We need this information no later than August 13! If you miss that deadline you may not be able to be included

  • mainly because the company may not be able to update it in time. It’s a lot of information.
  • But also because we have other important things to do and once we are done with this we may not be able to come back to it

You can include website links, video links, etc.

Okay, so get me your information!


When is the EXPO??

Here are the important logistical facts about the EXPO this Sunday:

• The EXPO is ALL DAY this Sunday beginning at 9 am. in Conference Rooms 1-6, the cafeteria, etc.

LUNCH will be served beginning at 12 noon. The menu will be:

Grilled chicken with roasted peppers, prosciutto and topped with mozzarella, accompanied with a port wine Demi glacé served on a bed of roasted garlic smashed potatoes. Eggplant rollentini- thinly sliced eggplant, stuffed with pesto angel hair pasta. Topped with homemade marinara and melted mozzarella. And a salad. 

• The Variety Show will begin at 3 pm.


Let the EXPO Countdown Begin!

2016 shield with date and gopher made in photoshopIt is time to wake up our EXPO brains and begin to think through all that needs to be done in each of our ministries in order to be ready for the third annual SGT Ministry EXPO!

While there is still plenty of time, now is a good time to check the EXPO calendar and merge it with your personal calendar so that you don’t miss any meetings, deadlines, or the EXPO itself. It is also a good time to remind your ministry teams about the EXPO. You might want to email them a link to this blog or simply post the blog on your Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram.

A lot of details will certainly follow, but here are three questions to help get your creative juices flowing:

  1. In what way can you step-up your booth at this year’s EXPO?
  2. What give-aways are you going to have this year?
  3. What “lessons” did you learn from your participation in last year’s EXPO?

Stay tuned to this blog for all the EXPO updates you need to be ready this year! Click the blue Follow button at the bottom of the page to follow the EXPO blog.


Dreaming Big!

Last year’s EXPO was all about showcasing our ministries to our congregation. Our goal was that our fellow brothers and sisters would either find a ministry that could bless them or find one they could join. From the reports I received through the year since, we more than reached those goals. However, another thing happened last year as well: leaders of ministry found other leaders of ministry! Great fellowship happened between those who showcased their ministries at the EXPO! While all of these outcomes were wonderful, there is so much more potential bound up inside the EXPO vision!

The modern “expo” concept goes back at least 225 years to “an industrial exhibition” held in honor of “the coronation of Leopold II as king of Bohemia.” It featured “considerable sophistication of manufacturing methods.”1 The idea behind an expo is to bring together in one place the most innovative, cutting edge technology, methods, inventions, etc., contemporary to the times. So, how does this apply to the SGT Ministry EXPO?

My vision for the EXPO is that, on that day, we would reach for and demonstrate—or have demonstrated to us—the latest technologies, the newest ideas, and the most cutting edge ministry tools possible! That we would be inspired and have our own visions for ministry made larger! And this not just for our parishioners or ourselves, but also for other churches and ministries on the Island and beyond! Big vision? Yes! But great achievement begins with the smallest of persistent efforts!

So, what might this vision look like if we can achieve it? First, let me be clear: the EXPO is not about luring people from other churches to our church. This is counter to what we are all about at SGT. It is, rather, an opportunity for us to demonstrate possibilities for ministry that can be imported by others into their churches. Those possibilities for ministry may be ministries already happening at SGT. However, they might be ministries that can be demonstrated at the EXPO for all of us by guests we can invite for that purpose. Here are some examples:

Imagine if we were to invite to the EXPO the LOGOS Bible Software Company, a top church presentation software company, or a leading discipleship curriculum publisher? What about leading Christian universities? The possibilities are endless!

What should you make of this? What steps should you take? There will be opportunity to expound on this vision as we get closer to September 20. But for now, think big! Plan to showcase your ministry this September in grand fashion! Allow yourself to think beyond our own in-house purposes and consider how your ministry might work in other churches and how those churches might benefit from your experience. If you hear of some awesome cutting edge ministry tool, etc., let me know!

The ultimate goal of the 2015 SGT Ministry EXPO is, at the end of the day, that people from all around will leave the EXPO having enjoyed good Christian fellowship, food, and fun. But more importantly, that they will leave inspired! Inspired to do great things for God and His Kingdom!


1 http://www.czech.cz/en/66361-general-global-exhibition-in-prague-in-1891;   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_world%27s_fairs.


Vinny Vetere Takes On All Comers At The Expo!

Great news! Arm wrestling champion Vinny Vetere–part of our church and also known as “Magic Vinny”–will be taking on all comers Sunday afternoon, September 21, at the 2014 SGT Ministry Expo! More details to come! Just one more reason for people to come to the 2014 SGT MInistry Expo and stay all day!

Watch this Good Morning America feature on Vinny’s arm wrestling career!