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We would love to have your feedback about this year’s EXPO! Just click on the link below and take just a few minutes to tell us how the EXPO went for you this year!


EXPO Afterglow!

It is Sunday night after the EXPO and I am so IMG_1091gratified at how things turned out this year! Once again Gophers showed up, ministry leaders showed up, and the SGT family showed up!

So many people have to come together to make the EXPO happen. My Administrative Assistant,  Anna Choy, starts it off in May, methodically getting things in order. That process continues even until the day after the EXPO. We try to “wake up” the “EXPO brain” around that time too, making sure everyone knows the date of the event.

But really, August is ground zero for the EXPO. Calls to Tim and Rebekah Hoppe, David Rivera, and Jason Newell are important at that time so we can think about tweaking the set-up, recruiting Gophers, and planning the food menu. We start lining up the Variety Show in August as well. By this time most all of the ministry leaders have checked in, considered their booths, Blue Light Special ideas, etc.; special guests are usually secured by that time.

August is also time for the big blue EXPO banner in the main lobby which draws attention to sign-ups and the EXPO itself. By the end of the month the EXPO stencil is on the front and side entrance sidewalks

Set-up day—the day before the EXPO—is key! Without a good set-up plan and Gophers to execute the plan, there would not be an EXPO. Tim’s plan, Anna’s planning, and David’s availability make this possible!

Set-up-day evening is for ministry leaders! It’s when they set-up and get their exhibits ready (although this year several pushed it to Sunday morning! Hint hint!)

This year there were new ideas, new approaches (like the Home Missions Doll House, a different set-up and approach by The Center and also SGT Kids). There was also new variety—like Tony Carrozzo’s Exotic Snakes and Pastor Rich’s Missions Gadget Table. We also added Naomi Pierro’s show, a Mr. Softee truck, and the SGT Welcome App. And we began acclimating Maureen Arasmo to the Variety Show Emcee role.

I love it when the first service releases and the Exhibit area floods with the SGT family! From that point it’s busy for the rest of the day. The floor gets energized again when the second service lets out. For me, though, EXPO is constant trips between the office and the Exhibit floor, announcements in two services, all the while taking in the spectacle of the EXPO; the busy-ness of it. Talking to our people, checking in with various exhibits, appreciating our special guests, knowing all the time that I have to get focused on the Variety Show. (Among other things, I feel pressure because I try to open the show with comedy but I don’t really announce that I’m going to do stand-up comedy: it’s too much pressure!) Naomi’s show was great today and so was the Variety Show.

In the end, people come together and what we experience is the Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle at its best. No church is perfect. But you would be hard pressed to find a church with people who care more than the people involved in the ministries of SGT!

Thanks to all who played any part of this year’s EXPO! See you next year on September 16! (Save the date!)


The EXPO Has Loot!

Okay, I’m being silly, but it is true that the are lots of great freebies at the EXPO! Where can you grab hold of the goodies? IMG_1061

First: Check the ministry tables. There are usually plenty of fun and useful freebies to go around.

Second: Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the EXPO Blue Light Specials! There aren’t many but you just might  be one of the winners!IMG_0861

Third: At the EXPO Variety Show we’re gonna play a game called “Gift or Gag.” There will be some good gifts and some “gag” gifts. If you don’t know what a gag gift is, come and find out!


How the EXPO Makes a Difference!

The EXPO began when Pastor Zarlengo asked me to create a way for you (SGT family) to learn more about all the ministries available at SGT. This would meet the double need of helping people get involved (which brings about relational connection as well as opportunities to serve others), but it would also  help people discover ministries that could help them. As a result, God gave us the EXPO! The EXPO definitely meets these needs, but, along the way, we have discovered that it meets so many others as well.

Glad to meet you!

I remember, at our first EXPO (this year is our fourth), there were actually ministry leaders who met each other for the first time! It brought about a great opportunity for ministry leaders to fellowship together and even coordinate ministry together.

Bring Your Ministry Shopping List!

Last year, I met a brand new family with children spanning several age groups who used the EXPO to take the opportunity to seek out the various ministries relevant to their family! That’s what the EXPO is all about!


The EXPO also gives us a chance as a family to eat together, play together, laugh and be entertained together. Our youth ministry, The Center, and our children’s ministry, SGT Kids, always have great activities. The EXPO Variety Show is always a blast—this year we have an added show featuring Naomi Pierro and friends. And who doesn’t like a photo booth?

Honoring Selfless Leaders of Ministry

Every year I am so proud of our ministry leaders and their teams! For me, the EXPO is an opportunity for those of us who work behind the scenes to find some way to serve these leaders and honor them for all the energy they put into serving others all year.

Come! Participate!

Come to the EXPO this year and participate in as many things as you can. Eat the food, attend the shows, and go by the tables and  be amazed (as I am) at the wide variety of ministries we have at SGT!



The 2014 SGT Ministry Expo Was A Day To Remember!

What a pleasure it was for me to watch the Expo take place today!Expo Flyer! You ministry leaders brought your A-games and our church family showed up!

After the first service was dismissed to attend the Expo, the exhibit area came alive with a crush of people! Leaders and congregants alike discovered ministries they did not know existed at SGT! Ed and Patti gettin' they picture on!

I gained a fresh appreciation for the creativity, zeal, and heart of our ministry leaders! You guys made the Expo happen! It was a joy to watch you fellowship with one another and with the body! It really was a beautiful showcase of your hard work for the Kingdom of God!

The Variety Show was off the chain! The auditorium was overflowing, the crowd was energetic, and each act was at their best! Vinny you were awesome at the Expo Armwrestling Exhibition!

The first Expy Awards were given out–one for the best table and the other for the volunteer most helpful in making the Expo a success. The table Expy went to the Thanksgiving Basket table, coordinated by Joan Andersen. The volunteer Expy went to Justin Majeed who took the set-up day and the electricity challenge on his back!

And the food at the Expo Cafe was terrific! John Long and the chef’s did a wonderful job and the food was terrific!

The Youth and the SGTKIds Expos respectively brought great variety, fun, and energy to the Expo!Love these guys!

The truth is I am finding it hard to adequately express the satisfaction I have at our first SGT Ministry Expo! Thank you ministry leaders and SGT family! You really made it happen today!

Please share your pictures, comments, and suggestions! I welcome all of them. I can’t wait to get started on next year’s Expo!

104 Days And Counting!

I know, it seems odd to be counting down the days until an event happens that most have not heard about, but it’s a start!

This year, on September 21, the Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle is going to host its very first Ministry Expo! Actually, I was told today by Bob Zuber that the church used to do something very similar over thirty years ago! So, perhaps I should say the “very first Ministry Expo of the modern era!”

If this is the first you are hearing about the SGT/MXP, you should take time to read the introductory letter and the vision casting document which gives a bit of insight into the feel we are aiming for for, especially if you are a leader.

If you have read these documents and would like to be a part of SGT/MXP, just get in touch with the pastor or leader over your ministry, follow the instructions in the letter to sign up, and be prepared to attend the orientation meeting on June 22, @ 12:30 in Conference Room 1.

Oh yeah, sign up to follow this blog so that you can get email notices every time we post more information!

Talk to you soon!

What will the Expo be like?

(Click here to read the letter to SGT leaders explaining many important details and logistics for the SGT Ministry Expo 2014.)

The 2014 SGT Ministry Expo, September 21, is going to be an exciting, fun-filled day for the whole SGT family! The main focus of the day will be the ministry tables which will showcase the 115-plus ministries at SGT. However, there will be many other highlights that you won’t want to miss!

More Than One Expo!

As mentioned, the 2014 SGT Ministry Expo will be a forum for showcasing all of the ministries at SGT. However, the 2014 SGT Ministry Expo will also feature the Children’s Ministry Expo (Conference Room 6) and the Planet Impact Expo (Conference Room 5)! These two vital ministries will be out in full force as they showcase their ministries to our children and young people!

Getting Connected

Alongside all of the ministries being featured at the Expo, there will be a special “connection section” which will feature a photo booth, the new Ministry Match program, the Arena table, and our Online Giving program.

Photo Booth

The photo booth is for all those families or individuals who would like to have their picture taken and placed in the new SGT Church Directory. The directory will be accessible through our website. Having this directory will increase our ability to engage in deeper fellowship and in identifying each other for the sake of ministry.

Ministry Match

The Ministry Match program is a fresh approach to engaging the SGT body in ministry. Every Christian should be involved in ministry but sometimes people are not sure how to go about it. With Ministry Match all you do is answer a few questions and your name will be entered into our church database and that will start the process. There are three categories for potential ministry participants at SGT: Targeted, Guided, and Volunteer. Those in the Targeted category will be those members of the SGT family who want to be involved in ministry on a regular basis and who are aware of their gifts, talents, and callings and know exactly where they want to serve. Those in the Guided category are those who want to be involved in ministry on a regular basis, are somewhat aware aware of their gifts, talents, and callings, but are undecided as to which ministry would fit best. Finally, those in the Volunteer category are those who are not able to be regularly involved in any particular ministry but would like to volunteer their time and talents as the need arises.


Shelby’s Arena is our new church mangaement system. It will allow us to do many sophiticated tasks with our database such as texting, phone tree calling, mass emailing, and also online sign-ups for church events. They key? Your information! We hope you will stop by the Arena table and make sure your information is in the database.

Online Giving

The Online Giving table is your opportunity to learn more about how easy it is to give to the Lord through SGT’s Online Giving program.

Fun For The Whole Family!

Other “specialty” events for the afternoon are yet to be determined. After the third service there will be events designed to make the Expo a fun for the whole family! They will also give people a reason to come back in the afternoon, giving them a double exposure to our ministry opportunities!

The Family Variety Show

At three o’clock we will have our very first Ministry Expo Family Variety Show! This is going to be a fun time for the whole family that will feature unique and quality talent from our own congregation.

Vinny Vetere Takes On All Comers!

Vinny Vetere (you may know him as “Magic Vinny,” is an arm wrestling champion and he has agreed to take on all comers that afternoon! Should be a lot of fun!


Need we say more? There will be food for purchase so that you and your family can make a plan to stay for the day at the SGT Ministry Expo! Once you get your food you will find tables scattered throughout the conference rooms where you will be able to sit and enjoy your meal in the midst of all the activity. All of the proceeds will go towards the planning of an even better Expo next year!

What’s happening on September 28?

The main thrust of the SGT Ministry Expo will happen on September 21. However, all ministry tables in the Main Lobby will remain on display through September 28. This should serve as an “afterglow” for those who attend on the 21st, and informational for anyone who was not able to attend that day. Every effort will be made by those ministry leaders to be available at the tables on the 28th as well as the 21st, although perhaps in a more limited way on the 28th.